Former Massachusetts Governor Strictly Approves Trump’s Racist Remarks Will Destroy the Republican Party


US President Trump 2020 election Republican Party primary election only competitor Wilder, today slammed Trump’s racist speech split the country, if the Republicans do not Chuanpu draws a clear line, and the seats in the congress are worrisome.

Agence France-Presse reported that Bill Weld spoke to voters at the Iowa State Fair, advising to help “poor” laborers, implement climate-environmental actions, and unite Americans.

But he left the sharpest criticism to Trump, saying he was a racist and he would ruin the Republican Party.

Wilder served as the governor of two Massachusetts states, and he was very popular, but his chances of entering the White House were very slim.

Wilder is fighting against the huge political machine that Trump is at the helm, and Trump has the support of most Republican powers and Washington Republican congressmen.

The 74-year-old, non-mainstream Wilder, in Iowa, solemnly warned Republicans that if the Republican Party, known as the “Big Party” (GOP), does not make a clear distinction with the “real” racist president On the line, the Congressional representatives are afraid of destruction.

After issuing campaign speeches to dozens of voters, Wilder told the media that if the Republican Party in Washington does not clearly distinguish it from Trump’s racist speech, they will lose very badly in the 2020 election.

Wilder said that a week ago, the shooting of El Paso in Texas took 22 lives, and Trump’s hands were covered with blood. Wilder said that the hateful declaration against the Mexicans was “from the end.” Trump’s script.”

At this year’s Iowa Agricultural Products Expo, Wilder was the only Republican candidate to appear in contact with voters. In contrast, more than 20 candidates for the Democratic nomination were almost all.

On the stage, Wilder called Trump RINO, which is the English abbreviation of “Republican in name only”; he was fired all over the stage, telling the media that Trump and his counselors Use resentment and hatred to “try to tear the United States as much as possible.”

“What we need is to move forward, and this is the opposite.”

According to the polls of the Iowa Agricultural Products Expo, as of today, Trump holds 97% of the Republican votes, and Wilder is only 3%.

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