Resolving Labor Dispute of World War II, Japanese and South Korean Deputy Foreign Ministers will negotiate in Guam


Kyodo reported today that the two foreign ministers will meet this week to discuss Japanese companies’ forced labor disputes in South Korea during the Second World War.

Kyodo quoted an anonymous source as saying that Japan’s foreign affairs minister Takeo Akiba and South Korean Foreign Ministry’s chief deputy Cho Se-young may meet in Guam on the 16th and 17th.

The South Korean Supreme Court filed a lawsuit for the forced labor of Japan during the Second World War in October last year. The steel company that is now called Nippon Steel and Living Gold is required to pay compensation. The plaintiff’s application for the seizure of Nippon Steel and Living Gold has recently been approved in South Korea’s assets, causing the two countries to Historical controversy. Japan indicated that the case has reached a settlement in the past.

Since then, Japan-ROK relations have deteriorated sharply. Japan has imposed export restrictions on three key electronic materials in South Korea’s wafer manufacturing industry, and will kick South Korea out of the “white list” of trusted trading partners. South Korea also takes revenge measures to apply Japan. Removed from the trade offer list.

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