The design problem is difficult to understand. The US Department of Defense intercepts the missile development plan and shouts the card.


The US Department of Defense announced today that due to design issues, the Boeing-led ballistic missile interception missile development plan, which is dominated by Boeing and will cost more than US$1 billion, will be invited to bid for the development of the industry. A new generation of intercepting missiles.”

US Deputy Defense Secretary Michael Griffin, who is responsible for research and engineering affairs, said the termination of the project was a “responsible approach.” He said: “The development plan sometimes encounters problems. After the due diligence, we believe that the current approach is not effective, so we decided not to continue.”

Despite the termination of the current plan, the US Department of Defense said it would invite the industry to participate in the tender to develop a new “Redesigned Kill Vehicle” (RKV).

Griffin also said that the research test completed before the termination of the project, “will be used to develop the next generation of intercepting missiles, which will be equipped with new killing vehicles.”

Boeing Co., which contracted in May 2017, was commissioned by the US Department of Defense to redesign the killing vehicle to improve the reliability of the long-range missile developed by the vehicle in countering North Korea. So far, the US government has spent $1.2 billion (about NT$37.6 billion) on this project, but it has been in a state of flux.

Pentagon spokesman Robert Carver revealed that the US Missile Defense Agency concluded in December last year that “some key components” did not meet the technical requirements. Carver said that five months later, Griffin decided to suspend the contract and consider other alternatives, but in the end, he still thought that the design problem encountered by the project “is not insurmountable or too much to solve.”

Griffin asked Boeing to suspend homework in May this year, waiting for further decisions and making a decision to terminate the plan last week.

Boeing issued a statement saying that accepting the government’s decision to terminate the plan also supports the development of new types of intercepting missiles.

Spokesman Raytheon Co. spokesperson Michael Doble said that in light of the increasingly complex threat environment, the US Department of Defense is updating the technical requirements and stressing that Raytheon supports the government’s decision to terminate the contract.

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