The Madrid Metro Wolf sneaked more than 500 female underage girls and was also victimized


Spanish police said today that a suspect was arrested on the mass transit vehicle, the supermarket sneak shot of the female skirt, the victims more than 500 people, including some underage girls.

Agence France-Presse reported that the Spanish police said in a statement that the man was in Madrid and placed his backpack on the ground and used a mobile phone hidden in a backpack to take a sneak shot without the consent of the woman.

He then uploaded at least 283 of them to porn sites, which have been viewed more than a million times.

The statement said that when the police caught the 53-year-old Colombian suspect, he was using the “deliberately placed mobile phone” in the backpack to sneak a shot of the female skirt at the Madrid subway.

The statement added that it was “a habitual criminal, shooting every day and shooting all women as much as possible”.

The police said that the suspect had sneaked a shot of 29 different women within five days.

Rafael Fernandez of the Spanish National Police Cybercrime Group told reporters that he was suspected of committing crimes on subways and passenger trains. “In some cases, he will follow some women from the subway to the supermarket and continue to sneak shots.” .

The police found a laptop and three hard drives from the suspected home, containing images of hundreds of women.

Fernandez said that the 283 films that were suspected of uploading had 555 women victims, some of whom were underage.

So far, the police have confirmed 29 female identities, and the victim has filed a criminal lawsuit against the man.

Fernandez said that he was accused of violating privacy, child abuse, and sexual trafficking. Since some of the victims were minors, he was held in custody pending trial.

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