No fear of Brexit doubts, Johnson & Johnson promises to build an export-oriented UK


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised today that when the UK ends its relationship with the European Union for more than 40 years, he will create an “international, export-oriented” country.

On the eve of the summit of the world’s largest economy leaders gathered in France, Johnson & Johnson said: “The message I want to convey to the leaders of the G7 leaders this week is that the UK under my leadership will be an international, outgoing and confident. s country.”

Agence France-Presse reported that Johnson & Johnson had previously promised that whether or not the EU reached an agreement before the October 31 deadline, it would implement the UK’s goal of leaving the EU.

However, the British business community is worried that disorderly Brexit may jeopardize international trade and degrade the British economy.

Johnson & Johnson said that the prediction that the UK will face economic shocks and diplomatic isolation after the Brexit is “a big mistake.”

In a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office, he said: “Some people question the democratic decisions made by this country and worry that we will leave the international arena. Some people think that the best days in Britain have gone quietly. I want to say to those people. : You are really wrong.”

He also said: “The UK will never leave a special responsibility as the pillar and creator of the international system.”

“We will continue to stay at the core of the World Alliance.”

Johnson will hold bilateral talks with US President Trump, European Council President Donald Tusk and other world leaders at the summit.

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