Lie that the opium drug is low-risk, the US court has decided to pay 18 billion


Oklahoma State Court today ruled that Jiaosheng Group’s propaganda is false, claiming that the risk of abuse of opioids is low, and the Oklahoma State Government must be compensated for US$572 million (about NT$) 18 billion yuan). Jiaosheng Group said it will file an appeal.

In the first civil trial of this opiate, the Cleveland County District Court judge in Oklahoma, Thad Balkman, today ruled that Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen The drug factory (Janssen) conducts “fraudulent propaganda” on high-addictive prescription painkillers, which constitutes a public health hazard.

Berkman pointed out: “The accused used the word “false addiction” to convince doctors that patients with signs of addiction…not really addicted to drugs, but the pain was not being cured.” Mann said that the Jiaosheng Group also told doctors and patients that the risk and risk of abuse of these drugs are low.

Berkman said that the defendant’s actions undermined the safety and health of thousands of Oklahoma people, and therefore decided that the Petit Group and Janssen Pharmaceuticals must fund a patient who is addicted to opioids, their families and affected communities. The “Control Plan” established.

After the judgment was announced, the Jiaosheng Group stated that it would file an appeal. Michael Ullmann, executive vice president of Johnson & Johnson Group, said: “Yangsen Pharmaceuticals has not caused an Occupational Ophthalmology crisis in Oklahoma. It is impossible to support the outcome of the judgment, whether it is facts or laws.”

Woolman stressed that the order to coexist Oklahoma’s prevention and control program was “unprecedented” and warned that today’s verdict “causes a large-scale joint impact on many industries.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 400,000 cases of drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States between 1999 and 2017, almost all related to opioids. Oklahoma lawyers say that since 2000, about 6,000 people in the state have died from overuse of opioids.

The prosecutor originally asked the defendant to pay $17 billion in damages for the next 30 years. But Berkman pointed out in the verdict that the defendant was only required to bear the funds needed to plan for one year because the state government failed to prove that it took more time and money to deal with the spread of opioids.

Since the amount of the award was much lower than the outside expectation, the price of the after-hours trading of the Jiaosheng Group rose by 2%, and the stock prices of other opioid analgesic drugs were also heard.

Sabrina Strong, a lawyer at the Johnson & Johnson Group, said that dealing with the abuse of opioids requires a concerted effort, and coquetry is not the source of the problem. She also appealed: “Unable to find a way out for the opiate abuse crisis through litigation.”

The Jiaosheng Group was the first pharmaceutical company to be tried in court due to the proliferation of opium drugs in the United States. The problem of opiate abuse is tricky, and the cost is also unacceptable for many state and local governments in the United States, and then choose to lodge claims with pharmaceutical companies and distributors.

At present, there are about 2,000 related lawsuits pending, and most of the cases will be merged into one case. It will be opened in the Ohio court in October and is expected to lay the foundation for other related cases in the United States. The total settlement amount may be billions of dollars.

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