Australia is concerned about the arrest of Chinese-American writers involved in espionage


Australian-Chinese writer Yang Hengjun was arrested by China for espionage. Australian Prime Minister Morrison expressed his concern today. According to a letter obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Yang Heng asked Morrison to help him “go home as soon as possible.”

On the 27th, China confirmed that 53-year-old Yang Hengjun was suspected of committing espionage and was formally arrested on the 23rd. He also asked Australia to respect China’s judicial sovereignty and not to intervene. Espionage will be sentenced to death in China.

Scott Morrison told Channel 9 today: “We are committed to our citizens, and we expect him to be treated appropriately and his human rights are respected.”

Morrison also said that the statement that Yang Hengjun was an Australian spy was “absolutely untrue.”

The Canberra authorities have stated that Yang Heng is imprisoned in a harsh environment and hopes that he will be treated in accordance with human rights. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson called on Australia not to intervene.

Agence France-Presse reported that Yang Hengjun issued a statement through consular officials. He called on the Australian Prime Minister to assist him in returning home as soon as possible and expressed his gratitude to Australian officials for running his case.

According to a letter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Yang Hengjun said that a Chinese investigator “tells me that Australia is only a small country and will not care about me.” “He said that Australia’s economy and trade are in China’s breath, and the Canberra authorities will not help me, but save me. He also said that Australia will not intervene because I am not a white man.”

The relationship between Canberra and Beijing has deteriorated markedly in recent months. China’s fate to Yang Hengjun is almost silent, and I am afraid that it will only make the relationship between the two sides more tense.

Morrison also refutes the warning that China wants Australia not to intervene. He said that Australia “will not interfere with China’s way of handling the case.”

“We will continue to raise concerns at the right time. Just as other countries are concerned about the treatment of anyone in Australia, we hope so too.”

His real name is Yang Jun, who served in the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been stationed in Hong Kong. I immigrated to Australia around 2000, and then married my well-known Yuan Xiaoyu, a well-known network, and acted as a writer. She often published articles sympathizing with the Chinese National Movement and claimed to be “democratic hawkers.”

Yang Hengjun currently holds the status of a visiting scholar at Columbia University. However, due to the fact that the status and position of the post-transition have changed too much, the real status has long been speculated by the outside world. Some overseas Chinese even refer to him as an “overseas agent” of China.

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