Malaysian party rotates over the anniversary of the cabinet, the first patriotic song to celebrate the National Day


Malaysia hopes that the coalition government will realize the first political party rotation in May last year. In order to welcome the National Day of August 31, cabinet members and the country’s highest head of state recorded patriotic songs, hoping to inspire unity.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad posted two 37-second short video clips in the social media yesterday and today. The film is for everyone to prepare a patriotic song Setia (Chinese meaning loyalty), except to see him. In addition to the cabinet minister’s readiness to sing, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, the supreme leader of the Malaysian royal family, also entered the mirror.

Due to the high degree of singing by Setia, it has been hailed as the second national anthem in Malaysia. Many singers once sang in public, and Malaysian singer Liang Jingru and Guangliang also performed in Taiwan’s variety show.

In the picture of a group of people standing in front of the background of the Malaysian flag, many Chinese ministers can be seen, including Finance Minister Lin Guanying, former Minister of Industry Guo Suzhen and Minister of Energy, Science, Science, Climate Change and Environment Yang Meiying.

Maha has intercepted the lyrics in the post, “Dedicated to the leader, dedicated to the people, dedicated and loyal to the sincerity, working together, working together for all loyalty” to show patriotism.

On August 31st, Malaysia National Day, this year’s National Day theme is Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih (love my country, clean Malaysia), mainly hopes to cultivate and inculcate the clean and lofty integrity values ​​of Malaysian people. The National Day military parade was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative center, and will be hosted by Maha.

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