The Labor News stressed that Korea’s victory was decisive due to its strong self-defense defense


Part 31, The Labor News, revealed the continuous development of the Juche weapons that showcased the powerful military power of socialist shipbuilding. Pointed out.

Lonsol is able to cope with unprecedented trials and difficulties and equipped with a powerful sword of peaceguard is the greatest victory ever since the founding of the Workers’ Labor Party and the people, and the 10 million years path that has secured the most dignified and happy life for the descendants of the world. Emphasis is on the metabolism to shine as follows.

Today’s successes in strengthening self-defense defense further deepen the conviction that our country is a fortress of steel wall that no one can touch.

It is not for the threat of other nations, but for the protection of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, by completely overcoming military threats. This is to create a favorable environment for building a strong country.

Today’s success in defense is the noble fruit of the wise leader of comrade Kim Jong- un, who is a wholly esteemed leader .

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