” Democratic Shipbuilding ” denounced the Japanese reactionary’s ambition to invade militarism abroad


Not long ago, Japan’s Defense Forces expressed their intention to equip the US’s newest stealth fighter, the F-35B, with the cooperation and support of the United States in preparation for the operation of the Izumo. He said he would carry out various military exercises with the United States, including operations in the United States.

Part 3 of the Democratic Shipbuilding said in a private commentary that, in military terms, aircraft carriers are recognized as indispensable in preemptive strike and seizure of other countries.

As in the past, the invasion forces and war forces, including aircraft carriers, revealed that the gear was trying to realize the militarist overseas invasion ambition.

This reveals itself to the fact that Japan’s claim that their military power movement was to guarantee Japan’s “security” from the “severe situation” was only one sophistication.

In fact, all military movements in Japan are far beyond the scope of defense and are directed towards foreign aggression.

It is evident that Japan would suffer great devastation if Japan, once again invading wars against other countries and nations and suffering innumerable misery and suffering to mankind, would again invade overseas.

Therefore, the wider international community, including our country, is keenly watching Japan’s unusual military movement.

If Japan does not see the anger of the international community and makes a reckless rush, it will surely escape the strict judgment of history.

Credit : http://www.kcna.kp/kcna.user.article.retrieveNewsViewInfoList.kcmsf#this

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