U.S. to speed up the shooting of large-scale guns


US Vice President Peng Si’s high-ranking aide said today that the White House has handled a series of programmatic measures to deal with the recent series of shooting violence, including the drafting of legislation by the Ministry of Justice to speed up the offenders who committed large-scale shootings. Execution of the death penalty.

Mike Pence is visiting Poland and Iceland, and his chief of staff, Marc Short, told his accompanying journalist that Burns was directly involved in discussions with Justice Barr Williams about speeding up the execution of the gunmen.

A shot on August 31 in Texas, USA, resulted in 7 deaths and more than 20 injuries, speeding up the debate on gun safety issues; 4 weeks before the Texas shooting, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio There were 22 deaths and 9 deadly tragedies in succession.

US President Trump previously stated that the White House will cooperate with Congress on new gun legislation, including the strengthening of the death penalty and the so-called “red flag” legislation, which allows the court to preemptively order and seize weapons possessed by those who fear or threaten others. .

Reuters reported that the leader of the Democratic Party has urged the Republican Party in the Senate to quickly take over the relevant legislation passed by the House of Representatives; Congressmen are expected to carefully review various legislative options after ending the August recession and returning to Washington.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201909030101.aspx

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