UAE intensifies support for health sector in Yemen’s west coast


The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, has stepped up its support to the health sector in the west coast of Yemen as part of an emergency response program to cope with the epidemic season by providing government hospitals, units and health centers with medicines and medical supplies.

In this regard, the Red Crescent provided the health sector in Al-Tahita Directorate in Hodeidah Governorate with new quantities of medicines.

The Director General of Tahita, Hassan Ahmed Hanbig, praised the UAE’s great role in supporting the health sector and various service sectors in the Directorate.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in the West Coast said that this quantity of drugs intended for the treatment and control of acute diarrhea spread in remote coastal towns southwest of Al-Tahita Directorate comes within the framework of intensive support by the UAE to cope with epidemics that have increased cases, especially among children. Rainy season.

He said: “On the basis of limiting medical needs permanently and at the request of the Health Bureau in Hodeidah governorate for the presence of cases of acute watery diarrhea, medical needs were provided to work to improve the lives of citizens.”

This is the third of its kind provided by the UAE Red Crescent Authority for the health sector in the West Coast in less than a week and included the Directorate of Mukha in Taiz governorate and the districts of Hays and Tahita in Hodeidah governorate, as well as running two mobile clinics with their supplies to save the lives of dozens of families and residents. The towns of Al-Ghuwairik, Al-Sukif and Al-Thukair south of Hodeidah

Dr. Ali Al-Ahdal, Director of the Health and Population Bureau in Al Hudaydah Governorate, confirmed that the UAE has contributed significantly and clearly in combating epidemics and improving and revitalizing health services in the liberated directorates and was one of the first humanitarian bodies supporting citizens and Yemenis and supplying the health sector in the liberated towns with medicines and medical staff.

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