The privilege is not flat. Korean media: Wen Zai will still appoint Cao Guozhang’s legal department.


The South Korean President Wen’s nominated legal minister, Cao Guo, was involved in the privilege storm and is currently under investigation by the prosecution. The storm has not subsided. According to the South Korean DPRK Daily, Wen Zaizhen still plans to appoint Cao Guo as the Minister of Justice after 7 days.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo reported on the front page today that Wen Zai, who is visiting Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, has embarked on e-mail that Cao Guo’s report on the “Discussion” of the press conference for more than eight hours was held in Congress on the 3rd. Content, and asked Congress to resubmit the report on the personnel hearing of Cao Guo before the 6th. It is understood that Wen Zaiyu plans to appoint Cao Guo as the legal chief after 7 days.

Cao Guo held a press conference for more than 8 hours from 3:30 pm on the 2nd to 2:16 am on the 3rd. He was questioned by his daughter who was questioned about falsifying the paper, improperly receiving scholarships, and investing in private equity funds with his family and his family. Explain, but the ruling and opposition parties still opposed the opinion of the Minister of Justice, and the Cao Guo personnel hearing scheduled to be held in the National Assembly on September 2 to 3 fell through.

The report pointed out that 7 hours after the end of the Cao Guo press conference, the prosecution conducted a search on the office of Cao Guo’s wife, Dongyang University, Zheng Jingxin (transliteration) on the 3rd. Professor of Dankook University, who served as the daughter of Cao Guo’s daughter, was also summoned to investigate as a witness.

Cao Guo, who has just stepped down from the chief secretary of Qingwatai Civil Affairs, was exposed to the privilege of using the privilege of the top medical paper published by Daniel University in 2008, which was named by the daughter of a foreign language high school, and entered the prestigious school.

The report pointed out that the prosecution believes that if Cao Guo is appointed as the Minister of Justice, the investigation will be even worse than it is now, so the speed of investigation will be accelerated before Cao Guo is appointed.

According to reports, Cao Guo’s daughter won the president’s award for the president of the University of Toyo in the university. The prosecution confirmed the facts on the 3rd and included them in the seizure search. In addition, Cao received a full scholarship for environmental graduate students at Seoul National University in 2014 for two consecutive semesters. Relevant documents have also been confirmed and are currently under investigation.

The prosecution is also investigating whether Cao Guo is suspected of abusing his power or accepting bribes.

On the same day, the prosecution investigated the so-called “Cao Guo Fund” private equity fund investment company Li Xing standing as a witness and the former and current director of “Xiongdong Xueyuan” operated by Cao Guo. The summons also included the former “Xiongdong Academy”, the chief executive of Zheng Xing, who is the brother of Zheng Jingxin.

The report pointed out that the prosecution investigation was faster than expected. The legal profession believes that if the prosecution finds out the criminal facts of Cao Guo or his family, Cao will be fatally attacked, otherwise the prosecution led by the Attorney General Yin Xiyue will face reform.

South Korea’s joint news agency reported that Wen’s announcement on the reorganization of the cabinet list on August 9th, among the seven ministerial nominees who must accept the personnel hearing procedure, only the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food, the election of the Jin Xuanxiu hearing report was approved by the National Assembly, Jin Xuanxiu Take office on August 30.

Among the remaining 6 people, the Cao Guo personnel hearing was not held. Although the hearing of the remaining five people has been held, the hearing report has not been approved by the National Assembly. If at midnight on the 6th, Congress still did not submit a hearing report, the text can be appointed from the 7th to Cao Guo as the Minister of Justice.

Some observers believe that Wen Zai, who is visiting Southeast Asia, will return to China on the 6th, while on the 7th and 8th, it will be a weekend. On the 9th, Wen is likely to appoint Cao.

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