The CEO is smashed and smashed the network to suspend the tweet tweet function.


After the CEO of the house, Jack Dorsey, was detained on August 30th, Weibo Twitter (Twitter) suspended the newsletter today to send tweets to repair the loopholes.

The Duxi account was scammed by the so-called “SIM Swap” trick, which seduce the telecom operators to transfer numbers, so that users lose control of social media, and even sensitive information such as bank accounts must be handed over. . This kind of attack locks the “dual verification” weakness of the login account through the SMS. In recent years, it has become more and more common for hackers to break into the account.

The Twitter support team wrote on the Twitter platform: “We temporarily turn off the tweet feature via SMS to protect user accounts.”

“We do this because some of the vulnerabilities need to be resolved by the telecom operators, and because we rely on the double verification of mobile phone numbers.”

The hacker broke into the Duxi mobile phone on August 30, and then controlled his Twitter account and sent a series of discriminatory discrimination against African and Jewish people.

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