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To the future recipients .. Here is the report of the Saudi Press Agency within the cultural bulletin of the Federation of Arab News Agencies “FANA”.

Riyadh, Sept. 7, 2005 (WAM) – The sense of creativity has influenced the national cultural scene, and is characterized by a permanent movement based on the legacy of the place in the history that has become internationally recognized by the UNESCO declaration “Al-Hasa Oasis” in the World Heritage Sites, To the fifth millennium BC.

Its location in eastern Arabia allowed openness to other cultures.Al-Hasa has been the ‘largest natural palm oasis in the world’ in connection with the ancient world civilizations of Mesopotamia, the Levant and the Indian subcontinent, a bridge to connect with the Arabian Gulf states, and a corridor for pilgrims and trade caravans.

Al-Ahsa Oasis covers more than three million palm trees, casting a shadow over the knowledge radiating centers and those with the most ardent thought to support the cultural movement in the province, both technically and literally, and the trend towards the horizon to enrich with the outputs of other regions the Saudi cultural scene, while strengthening the vision of the Kingdom 2030 integration of institutions Concerned to invest the energies and talents and establish cultural projects.

Chapters of history witnessed in Al-Ahsa summoned to be in the list of World Human Heritage in UNESCO 2018, and the capital of Arab tourism in 2019, as the oldest human settlement dates back to the fifth millennium BC, and the Canaanites are the first people mentioned by the history of its inhabitants, displaced from the mid-quasi Attracted by freshwater fountains, the Phoenician giants, known for their agriculture and irrigation, were adventurous, ride the sea, and trade.Al-Hasa also displaced Chaldean immigrants from the Babylonians and established a city near Al-Uqair called Jahra. RIA however.

Heritage sites are spread in the province of Al-Ahsa, including the settlement of Jawatha and the mosque of Jawatha, one of the first mosques in Islam, and the site of Doughat al-Gharash, which dates back more than 600 years, known as the place where the burning of ceramics, as well as the palaces of Ibrahim archaeological, Sahoud, Mahiris, Abu Jalal, Al-Hazm Palace, Al-Uqair Port, Jabal Al-Qarah, Al-Qaysariya Market, and the old neighborhoods of Mubarraz.

Among the monuments are the Emiri school, built in 1360 AH, and the house of Mullah “Allegiance”, which tells the story of the glorious history of Al-Ahsa, which was pledged by the people of Al-Ahsa King Abdul Aziz – God’s mercy – in 1331 AH, one of the most famous landmarks that witnessed the most prominent events before and during the unification of Saudi Arabia .

Throughout history, Al-Ahsa has maintained its cultural climate. Perhaps one of its most important intellectual traditions is the “Houses of Literature and Cultural Councils”. week days .

During the year 2019, Al-Ahsa witnessed a cultural movement whose activities were distributed through packages of literary and artistic programs.

Under this slogan, Al-Ahsa Literary Club has prepared 30 programs within its cultural, literary and community activities, in line with institutional efforts towards inclusiveness and diversity in order to promote intellectual mobility in the province and meet the wishes of the community.

The programs varied in their target audience of both sexes, and addressed the heads of thought and literature according to a specialized curriculum, while the space was larger for the youth category and focused on the refinement of talents and intellectually nurtured in various fields of literature, poetry, prose, story and novel, as well as instilling and escalating values, and positive behavior towards the exploitation of time and abuse Safe with technical means and engage in volunteering.

“Family and children” are prominent themes in the club’s programs in recognition of the importance of upbringing and the safety of the family environment, along with proper guidance for children, and discover their inclinations and development, especially in the literary field through the corner of the young writer.

“Cultural Nights” Theater, cinema, visual and intellectual arts and music tunes, was the identity of “Cultural Nights” events last March organized by the General Authority for Culture, and expressive language for the professional and amateur mixing of various arts throughout the area of ​​King Abdullah Environmental Park and added aesthetic dimension besides what it stores Al-Ahsa is technically and intellectually.

On the stage were two plays entitled “Transit, A Thousand and One Nights and a Text (for Children)”, while a number of Saudi films were presented by the reader, Compass, and Tongue, Jaber, Asfar, Asoor, and Wasti.

In another location on the ground, the harmony between colors and feathers crossed silently by the fingers of Al-Ahsa artists and artists to bring out their creations. Fifty works of art brought together various art schools. On the other hand, the ideas of 22 aesthetic photographs reflected a vision taken to conceal part of his relationship with the camera as if the picture was a moment of reflection. And pause in the lifetime of time.

To refine the amateur and develop the skill, the Culture Authority devoted 17 technical training during “Cultural Nights” which included: cinematic and theatrical representation and improvisation, screenwriting, character and puppet making, story writing, word engineering, smartphone photography, decoupage art, basics of sculpture and painting on leather and walls, and art. Rhythm, recycling and adaptation of raw materials in works of art, in addition to interviews with the owners of experiences in the fields of acting, drama, theater, directing and popular heritage and honoring pioneers in the Saudi theater.

The content of the events was characterized by cognitive enrichment and artistic and intellectual diversity and the most prominent chapters of the culture of the Al-Ahsa Oasis and the rooting of its historical depth and human civilization evoked the idea of ​​opera “Al-Ahsa with Arab eyes” composed, directed and performed by the people of the province, historical figures and other contemporary visited Hajar and what they described its land and its people, including the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta .

“Nights of Poetry” In the presence of history .. A group of poets of the Kingdom and the Gulf states presented poetic texts from the courtyard of the Ibrahim Al-Archaeological Palace, one of the historical landmarks in the oasis of Al-Ahsa, within the program “Nights Poetry” organized by the King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center “Ithraa”.

The Folk Literature Forum of the Society of Culture and Arts in Al-Ahsa held poetry evenings to contribute to the preservation of popular heritage.

“The Land of Civilizations in the Continent Mountain” The “Land of Civilizations” project in the Mount Continent, 12 kilometers from the administrative capital of Al-Ahsa, Hofuf, with a maximum height of about 1000 meters, has added diversity to the nature of the historical place that geologists form 2.5 million years ago. , And became a civilized landmark deep in nature.

The site, which includes a museum on the history of desertion, and graduated theaters, a variety of weekly events include cultural evenings, music, plastic arts, visual performances, forums and youth initiatives.

In May, Al-Ahsa celebrated its selection as the Arab Tourism Capital of 2019, “ Children’s Theater ”, and the Performing Arts Committee of the Culture and Arts Society in Al-Ahsa allocated 15 children as part of its enrichment programs which began last July with a training in theatrical arts.

The participants focused on acquiring movement skills on the stage, enhancing self-confidence while facing the audience, as well as training on how to play the character and various vocal exercises.

The Committee on Dramatic Arts is keen to highlight the talents of children’s play, and development, and the inclusion of distinguished in the work of the theater.

“Arts Avenue in the garden of the palace of the archaeological palace” Arts Avenue can be described in the palace garden with an open platform showing the archaeological and heritage depth of Al-Ahsa and incubator for fine art works of drawing, painting, works, sculpture and others in addition to holding exhibitions and technical training.

Adopted the idea of ​​the Avenue with a length of 400 meters and a width of 10 meters Al-Ahsa culture and arts in partnership with the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in the garden of the palace Mahiris archaeological city of Mubarraz to be the site of intellectual, cultural and artistic platform serving the community and a theater open to visitors to Al-Ahsa.

Aljada contributes to embracing talents of different ages in the arts of painting and free formation as well as Arabic calligraphy.

Al Ahsa Archaeological Museum The Al Ahsa Archaeological and Folklore Museum plays a major role in stimulating tourism and cultural movement. On an area of ​​40,000 square meters, it hosts some 1,400 artifacts that tell the oasis’s rich history through successive times.

The museum, which opened in 1984, is responsible for the maintenance and protection of archaeological and historical sites of interest, facilitating the process of registering and investigating these sites, containing archaeological and historical pieces, and providing the best ways to document, preserve and store them, while investigating and recording the colors of the physical and oral heritage, and finding a center for collecting objects. Local folklore, in addition to informing the public about the local folklore, history and heritage, through exhibitions and other educational activities.

It is worth mentioning that the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in Al-Ahsa is working on the establishment of Al-Ahsa Regional Museum, at a cost of more than 44 million riyals, according to the design includes the halls of Saudi history, prehistory, modern history, Islamic history, environment, visitor gallery, chapel, in addition to services. Support.

Al-Ahsa is full of 28 public and private museums, including the Allegiance Museum, the Museum of Arabs and the Caliph, and share together an active cultural and tourism role, in addition to educating segments of society with the national material heritage and national heritage holdings, it is a source of knowledge and culture.

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