Even the Congress defeated the British Prime Minister and forced to reach a Brexit Agreement.


After the Brexit policy and the early election motion were blocked by Congress, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to work hard to reach a European Union agreement.

Johnson’s second motion to re-elect in advance was vetoed by the British House of Commons tonight, allowing Johnson & Johnson to swallow a six-game losing streak in Congress.

After the vote failed, Johnson said with frustration: “The government will work hard to negotiate a Brexit agreement and prepare for a non-agreement to leave the EU. I will attend the important EU summit on October 17th, no matter how many measures the Congress has tied. Living with my hands, I will try to reach an arrangement that is in the interest of the country.”

●The congressional chain lock forced Johnson to talk about the agreement

Congress passed the bill last week, forcing Johnson and Johnson to only reach an agreement with the EU to leave the EU, or to postpone the current Brexit deadline of October 31. One of the options for Johnson & Johnson to veto the postponement deadline tonight, tell Congress Member of Parliament, “I will not propose extension any more, no.”

Since it is not willing to postpone the extension, Johnson & Johnson must now try to get the Brexit agreement to pass in Congress. Two people familiar with the plan said that the British government has reviewed the early Brexit agreement reached by former Prime Minister Mey. In public, Johnson & Johnson has the most controversial agreement in the original agreement and wants to remove the Irish border safeguards. The tone also began to soften.

Johnson & Johnson previously said that it would abolish this measure, but the EU has repeatedly opposed it, but today he changed his mouth and said that the priority is to ensure that the UK is not subject to the relevant provisions, which means that the Irish border safeguards are not necessarily abolished.

● Labor Party hints that Mey’s version of the Brexit agreement and the choice of staying in Europe

The British “Daily Telegraph” reported that the Labor Party shadow cabinet finance minister John McDonnell hinted that the Labor Party may launch a second referendum, asking voters to choose between the Mayi version of the Brexit agreement or stay in Europe.

McDonald has shown that if the Labour Party re-governs, voters who advocate Brexit can only choose between the two. McDonald said that there is no agreement to leave the EU is an “unrealistic option that will harm the country”. This will be the same as the exclusion of the ballot.

Barry Gardiner, the Minister of International Development of the Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, also pointed out that it’s “crazy” to leave the European Union by a simple majority.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201909100103.aspx

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