Syria participates in the 23rd session of UNWTO General Assembly in St. Petersburg


The 23rd session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) kicked off in the Russian city of St. Petersburg with participation of over 1200 delegates from 150 countries , including Syria.

Speaking During the opening ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that effective government support will be provided to develop tourism industry in Russia, adding that over 125 million of foreign tourists visited Russia over the past five years as a result of the country’s continuous work to develop this industry.

Syrian Arab Republic delegation , headed by Tourism Minister Mohammad Rami Radwan Martini participated in the 23rd session of (UNWTO).

The Syrian delegation presented a working paper to the conference confirming Syria’s possession of all the elements of cultural , therapeutic and religious tourism and its readiness to attract all types of tourism and provide executive projects.

The working paper stressed on the safety and security are being prevailed in Syria after achievements which have been made in the fight against terrorist organizations.

The paper indicated that Syria has all the ingredients of tourism, including transportation, airports, flights, hotels.

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