The traffic tariff system identifies the vehicle from its number


The Bureau of Councils Affairs at the Crown Prince’s Court has organized a lecture at Abu Dhabi’s Supervisory Council in coordination with the Department of Transport and the Integrated Transport Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In order to reduce traffic congestion and increase the efficiency of the local transport sector, in line with Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive road transport plan.

The lecture aims to inform the members of the community about the mechanism of work of the new traffic tariff system and introduce its service, community and development dimensions. She highlighted the significant achievements and development of the transport sector in the capital Abu Dhabi, since its inception and its inception until it became a developed city operating with intelligent transport systems and accurate technology with the highest levels of global technological advances, to be followed by a series of other forums in the neighborhood neighborhoods.

In this context, the Integrated Transport Center stressed that the lecture aims at introducing the members of the society to the traffic tariff system, strengthening the community partnership and building bridges of communication with citizens and listening to their opinions and suggestions, and introducing them to the role of the center in contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan for the transport sector and developing this sector towards establishing a transport system. Integrated and sustainable services that provide the best services to the population of the Emirate and its pioneers and support the overall economic development witnessed in the Emirate.

The Center noted that the traffic tariff system is in line with the comprehensive road transport plan of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, within a series of strategic projects aimed at encouraging the public to use public transport and reduce the individual use of vehicles and encourage the participation of cars by individuals, which contributes to alleviate traffic congestion and raise The efficiency of the transport sector and the realization of the vision of the center which is an integrated and sustainable transport for a better life.

It should be noted that the traffic tariff system operates according to an advanced electronic payment mechanism, and the vehicle is identified by its number without the need to install a card on the windshield.

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