US House of Representatives antitrust investigation requires Apple Facebook to submit internal emails


The US Federal House Judiciary Committee today asked Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Alphabet’s Google executives to submit company records such as internal emails and detailed financial information to expand the opposition to technology giants. Monopoly investigation.

Reuters reported that the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives issued a letter requesting Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook (Facebook Inc.) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet CEO Larry Page and others submitted their internal emails about the acquisition for the past 10 years before October 14.

Apple’s share price opened at about 1.8%. The Federal House of Representatives has previously mentioned that Apple may be the target of the investigation, but the above letter is the first concrete evidence to prove the launch of a large-scale antitrust investigation.

Apple has been criticized for its App Store policies and algorithms that support its own products and limit the space for third-party applications.

On the 9th, the Texas Attorney General led 50 prosecutors in other US states and territories to investigate whether Google abused market power in advertising.

Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the Federal House Judiciary Committee, said: “There is increasing evidence that several companies have a large share of online shopping and communications.” Democrats’ Nadler signed the letter and signed the case. There are also Republican Congressman Doug Collins, Jim Sensenbrenner and antitrust commissioner David Cicilline.

Collins said in the statement: “The information is critical to help determine whether anti-competitive behavior, whether our anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies should investigate special issues, and whether our antitrust laws require reforms to enhance the competitiveness of the digital market.

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