US and Australia will announce plans to improve the supply of rare earths


Under the external concern that China may cut off the export of rare earth minerals, senior US government officials said President Trump and Australian Prime Minister Morrison will announce plans to guarantee the supply of rare earth minerals tomorrow. painting.

The official said today that he will announce the project when Scott Morrison visits the White House, where he will also discuss issues such as space cooperation and plastic waste management.

The official said: “The two countries have a common goal of ensuring a stable and safe supply of rare earths around the world.” He also said that the goal of the project is to bring together expertise and resources to “ensure that the global market is stable and safe, not It will be easily disturbed by shocking events and external influences.”

Rare earth is a combination of 17 chemical elements and is an important raw material for the production of high-tech consumer electronics and military equipment.

Australia accounts for only 2.8% of global rare earth reserves, but accounts for more than half of new global projects.

An official of the Pentagon in the United States said in August that the United States had negotiated with Australia to establish facilities to deal with rare earth metals. When asked today whether the upcoming project includes such a facility, White House officials declined to comment.

Lynas Corp Ltd is building a processing plant in Texas, USA. Linus is the world’s largest rare earth miner and processor outside of China. Linas CEO Amanda Lacaze said last month that he is open to the US government’s funding for construction.

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