British old travel agencies closed down a large number of passengers stranded at the airport


British veteran travel operator Thomas Cook Group announced the collapse, a large number of passengers trapped overseas, anxious they are long queues at the Spanish airport in Spain, or a little suitcase Resting, I don’t know how long I have to wait before I can return to the UK.

At the same time, many travellers who traveled to Majorca Island in Spain to find their way to their destination found that the hotel booked through Thomas Cook was no longer valid.

Marianne Strenger and her daughter, who are in their 70s, flew to Spain from Berlin, Germany, to enjoy a week-long beach holiday. She said that when checking in at Hotel Palma Bay, the counter staff told her that they did not get her room reservation from the Thomas Cook Group, and would have to pay again if they wanted to stay. money.

Shi Cun told reporters outside this 3-star hotel tonight: “They received my attitude, as if I was the bankrupt.”

Agence France-Presse and CNN reported that it was not only Shi Suge’s mother and daughter who encountered the same problem, but other travelers who tried to check in at the Palma Bay Hotel experienced similar experiences.

Nils Lichte, a 30-year-old supermarket manager who came to Cologne, Germany, said: “We have to pay twice.”

The passengers stranded on the island of Majorca also have Clare Osborne, who fears that she may not be able to return to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the funeral of family members.

The 49-year-old accounting assistant learned that he would take a 9:00 pm flight to Manchester and spend three and a half to four hours on a bus to Glasgow.

“The time is very urgent. We don’t know if the flight can take off at 9 o’clock on time, which makes me very anxious.”

Passengers queued at Parma Airport to check in for an alternative flight to Manchester. The team moved very slowly. Volunteers were busy sending water to everyone. British government officials wearing beige flag vests were also busy. Passing information to passengers.

John Raid, 57, said: “They have helped a lot.”

Rhett said that the Thomas Cook Group continued to provide assistance this morning and provided free access to the airport.

However, some passengers complained that the Thomas Cook Group did not provide them with information on how to return home.

Mary Care, 50, said: “We have heard many different versions.”

Mary Allardycee, a 63-year-old business assistant, said she had heard of some problems with the Thomas Cook group, “but never thought it would happen to me.”

In addition, hundreds of passengers were also stranded at Cancun Airport in Mexico today, trying to return home. Mexican officials said that the collapse of the Thomas Cook Group had a “very serious” impact on Mexico and it took some time to resolve it. It also said that the Thomas Cook Group left “a huge amount of unpaid” in the area, but No specific figures have been submitted.

At the airport, there are families with children traveling, students who are eager to return to school, and office workers who must return to work.

Some passengers are unbelievable about the bankruptcy of the Thomas Cook Group. He said: “This is a large and large travel company. It is omnipresent.”

However, he is also optimistic: “At least we have finished the trip, and some people have no way to even fake.”

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