European Juche Idea Discussion on Independence, Sovereignty and International Cooperation


The Juche Idea Debate in Europe on Independence, Sovereignty and International Cooperation was held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The forum was enclosed by the great leader comrade Kim Il- sung , the great leader comrade Kim Jong- il , and the beloved senior leader Kim Jong- un .

Books and photographs showing the great works of the great people and the proud reality of Joseon were on display.

The Director-General of the Juche Ideology Research Institute, the President of the Juche Ideology Research Council of Europe, the president, the vice president, the secretary, the directors, and representatives of the Juche Ideology Research Organizations of various countries in the European region and various personnel participated in the debate.

The debates followed several controversial titles followed by reports from the European Juche Idea Study Chairman Edmont Juve.

The speakers inaugurated and enriched the Juche idea, led the revolution and the construction to victory, and praised the immortal achievements of the great leaders who made great efforts to carry out the task of world liberalization.

They say that the spread of Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong Il’s attention is a very urgent issue at this time, and all Juche ideological research organizations in the region actively contribute to the global autonomy feat by spreading and disseminating immortal revolutionary ideas to meet the changing needs of the situation. Emphasis was placed on doing it.

In the debate, a letter to the beloved Supreme Master Kim Jong Un was adopted.

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