Taiwan Plus Tokyo opening Koike Yuriko to taste the rare milk [shadow]


2019 Taiwan Plus opened today in Ueno Park, Tokyo, and the Governor of Tokyo, Yukiko Koike, was also present. Recently, Taiwan’s pearl milk tea was popular in Japan. She also drank Jane Milk at the scene and thought that Taiwan Plus would become Laying the cornerstone of cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Japan.

2019 Taiwan Plus, organized by the Chinese Culture Association, held the opening ceremony at the Ueno Park in the morning. The representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Hsieh Chang-ting, the Governor of Tokyo, Koizumi Yuri, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member, Sakaguchi Takami, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member Shi Maomao. Vice President Jiang Wennan, General Secretary of the People’s Republic of China Lin Jinchang, Director of the National Art and Culture Center of Weiwuying, Jian Wenbin, and Chen Guohuang, the national treasure of the country, were present. This is the first time that a Governor of Tokyo has participated in Taiwanese cultural activities.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Xihuang brought a performance of a puppet show. Koike Yuri looked at it. When she gave a speech, she said, “The action in the palm of the hand is very slender and cute. I saw it very happy.”

Yuriko Koike said, “Recent Taiwanese food is very popular in Japan, especially pearls.” When she went to the market booth after the meeting, she also took a cup of pearl milk tea and tasted the pearls that Japanese people loved.

Yuko Koike believes that Taiwan Plus will become an important cornerstone for the cultural exchange between Taiwan and Japan. In the future, it hopes to increase exchanges between Taiwan and Japan and to further understand Taiwan and Japan. Xiaochi spent an hour at the Taiwan Plus event site this morning, and the reporters were surprised.

Less than 300 days from the Tokyo Olympics, Koike Yuri also hopes that this is not just a sports event, but also a cultural event, especially in the Ueno Park, which is held in Taiwan Plus. It will be the main venue for the live broadcast of the Olympic Games next year. I look forward to Taiwan friends next year. Go to Tokyo to participate in this feast.

Xie Changting said that Taiwan is an infinite and growing culture, like pearl milk tea. It is not a traditional Taiwanese diet, but evolved from tradition. “Like Taiwan Plus, many Taiwanese cultures are constantly being added from the tradition.” Activities to let more Japanese understand Taiwan.

Jiang Chunnan said that Taiwan Plus will bring 50 groups of booths and 8 groups of music groups to perform this year. It will be more abundant next year. He invites everyone to enjoy Taiwanese culture and art for the next two days, and I wish the success of the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Sakaguchi, who had studied at Taiwan University, lived near the Taipei Water Source Market during his studies. “I go to the market every week to buy food, and I have a very good relationship with local vendors.” After returning to Japan, I’m going to miss Taiwan’s stinky tofu and beef. When I visited the booth today, I also bought a pineapple cake on a slightly hot hill. I was very nostalgic. He hoped that this event would promote the exchange of modern culture between Taiwan and Japan.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/firstnews/201909285004.aspx

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