The DPRK leader, the head of the Korean delegation, declared that he would actively contribute to international efforts to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The leader of the Korean delegation spoke at a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on overall medical service on the 23rd.

He said that health work is a work that saves people’s precious lives and ensures human dignity and rudimentary rights, and is a key part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

But he argues that the major reason why nearly half of the world’s population still lacks the benefits of modern medical science, rather than providing basic medical services, is the lack of political will and practical efforts of member states.

He emphasized that under the people-centered Korean socialist system, the health system is a complete and total free treatment that guarantees medical service for all, regardless of gender, age, occupation or place of residence.

We aim to develop health projects and raise health indicators, including population average life expectancy and epidemic prevention rates, to the world advanced level in the near future.

We are confident that we have a strong health infrastructure already in place and have the strength of self-sufficiency, so we can overcome all challenges and achieve UNSD.

He said that the problem to watch out for in the realization of general medical service is that health falls out of the lofty mission of human life saving, rights and dignity as a company for pursuit of profit.

He declared that the Government of the Republic would continue to contribute to international efforts to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the constant national responsibility to take full responsibility for and caring for the health of the people.

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