The Labor News argues that capitalism is a dark society with no future


Part 5, The Labor News, in the theory of the individual pseudonym, dismisses socialism when the capitalist lawyers open their mouths and preaches the eternity of capitalist society. Pointed out.

Capitalism is not a ideological society of humanity, but a dark society with no future.

Capitalism has its own deep internal contradictions that cannot escape from destruction; the developed capitalist countries seem to thrive on the outside, but they are rotting in contradictions that are profoundly inward.

Political life rebounded and material life deformed.

The corruption of capitalism is evident in people’s political lives.

There can be no real political freedom and rights in a capitalist society where the capitalist class dominates everything and the working people are excluded from political life.

In capitalist societies, a very small privileged class accounts for the majority of social wealth, and it is growing day by day, while the wider working population is always worried about jobs, being treated, worried about eating, living and studying children. You must do it.

Today’s capitalist Seosan days are most evident in human moral destruction.

In capitalist society, the vacancy and human pollution of mental and cultural life is no longer able to be solved.

In capitalist society, inequality in material life, the imbalance between material life and poor cultural and cultural life, the growing popularity of the popular masses, and the growing imbalance between political life cannot be overcome. (End)

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