Praise Nepal for the dignity of Korea and its leap to independence


A New Rising Country-The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, by Chokko Barotti, Chairman of the Nepal Literature Study Group of the Military and Military Politics Research, was recently published in the country’s newspapers to draw attention from all walks of life.

The author, who visited Chosun on the day of the sun, described in his writings a republic that leaps into dignity and independence.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a country where independence is realized and self-reliance develops.

Joseon is striving to build up the modern cities and to build up the economic construction as the whole people rush through their meetings despite the economic sanctions and containment of hostile forces.

These phenomenal miracles and achievements are the shining fruits of President Kim Il-sung , the creator of the great Juche idea, and Kim Jong – il , the leader of the original Sunun Politics, and Kim Jong- un, who continues their cause .

The leader loves the people, and the only country that respects and follows the leader is Chosun.

I also introduced specific facts about the Korean people’s lives blessed with the benefits of the state and continued.

We did not see any one who wandered the streets of our stay in Korea.

It is because the government of this country takes care of the lives of the people.

In Chosun, everyone has a stable job.

In Joseon, all people live equally and harmoniously.

I exposed the misunderstanding of the reality by devising words that the Western media did not have in order to undermine the image of Chosun, where a system for the people was established and all kinds of social policies were given.

World, many countries are accompanied wish to maintain a regime of self, but you receive the overwhelming support and trust of the people the power of the army un you’re going Hannah enemies He believes in the power of the people under the leadership of the country to him.

Sooner or later, the world will witness the rise of Joseon.

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