The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to the Serbian strongman admirer, Bosnia and other countries.


Austrian writer Peter Handke was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, triggering the anger of Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo. Peter Hendrick is widely regarded as an admirer of the late Serbian strongman Milosevic in these areas.

In a series of bloody civil wars in the disintegration of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Peter Handke became a strong defender of the Serbs and even once referred to the Serbs as Jews under the Nazi regime. Later, he retracted the passage.

Peter Hendrick’s 1996 travelogue “A Journey to the Rivers: Justice for Serbia” triggered a storm; in 1999, Peter Handke returned to the famous German literary prize Buchner The Buechner Prize is a protest against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air strike against Serbia’s Belgrade.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama tweeted: “I never thought that the Nobel Prize would be evil. Moral authorities such as Nobel College made this kind of face-lifting choice, and shame became a new value. We must not be insensitive to racism and genocide.”

Sefik Dzaferovic, a Muslim member of the Presidium of the Bosnian Head of State, issued a statement criticizing the Nobel Prize Committee for awarding Peter Hendrick to a completely ethical direction.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci also slammed: “This Nobel Prize decision has brought tremendous suffering to countless victims.”

Koha Ditore, the main newspaper in Kosovo, wrote in a big headline: “Slobodan Milosevic’s supporters and the deniers of the Serbian genocide were awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.”

Known as the “Balkan Butcher”, Milosevic died in 2006 during his trial for violating humanitarian crimes. He hoped Peter Hendrick defended himself during his lifetime. Peter Hendrick gave a speech to thousands of mourners at the funeral of Milosevic.

Peter Hendrick was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek, who is also a Nobel laureate, believes that he is deserved, but there are also criticisms, such as the American writer Susan Sontag. (Susan Sontag) and British writer Salman Rushdie.

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