South Korean expert: It takes several years for North Korean submarine-launched missiles to complete actual deployment


South Korea Institute of Science and Technology (ADD) Director Nan Shigui said on the 7th that North Korea’s recently launched “North Star 3” new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) will take several years to complete its actual deployment. .

South Korea’s joint news agency reported that Nishikii said in the Nationalist Supervision of the National Defense Committee on the 7th that this was the first time North Korea launched the “North Star 3”. It was impossible to test the actual deployment of only one missile and it was difficult to guarantee the safety of the submarine.

Nishigyu also said that from the perspective of shooting angle, altitude, and range, “North Star 3” is completely different from “North Star 1”, with a 50% longer range. He believes that North Korea is intended to test the maximum effectiveness of “North Star 3” when launching from underwater.

He said that submarine-launched missiles are not detected by satellites and require submarines or unmanned submarines when launching.

The report pointed out that while the outside world is concerned about whether the South Korean military can adequately respond to submarine-launched ballistic missiles, Nanshigui said that the South Korean military has a response system of “North Star 2” (range 1300 km), and whether it can cope with the “North Star 3” Still in the analysis.

The standard three-type air defense missile SM-3 carried on the Aegis destroyer can respond to submarine-launched missiles. Nanshigui said that it can be regarded as one of the response systems. He added that the SM-3 has a range of more than 500 kilometers. The South Korean military has not yet decided whether to introduce it.

As for the long-range ground-to-air missile L-SAM being developed by the South Korean military, when it is completed, Nanshigui said that the exploration and development has been completed recently and will enter the system development stage in the near future. It is estimated that the actual deployment will take 10 years. The party is trying to complete its deployment work before deploying submarine-launched missiles in North Korea.

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