The U.S. ambassador to Uganda before the impeachment of the US House of Representatives said that he was accused by Chuanpu


The former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, reportedly told the impeachment prosecutor today that President Trump wanted to expel her for several months, and she ended up with The problematic person concerned was “untrue” and was released.

Since the Trump administration’s declaratory war on the impeachment of the Democratic House of Representatives this week, Trump’s government officials have appeared in Congress for the first time. The New York Times (NYT), which obtained the Yuvanovich statement, reported that she had severely criticized the Trump administration’s foreign policy.

New York quoted her as saying that Yuvanovich slammed Trump’s allies to spread her “fictional” message of Trump’s unfaithfulness and said that she had never done anything to undermine President Trump’s presidency or campaign.

She also found it shocking to inform her that the high-ranking State Department official who was recalled to the country insisted that she “had not done anything wrong” and told her that a group of people “consistently targeted” her, and the State Department faced it from the middle of last year. Trump wants to expel her pressure.

Because the White House publicly refused to cooperate with the impeachment investigation, the presence of the federal staff of Ivanovich in Capitol Hill is a victory for the Democratic Party.

The Democrats who led the investigation said that the White House last night instructed the State Department to block Yuvanovich from attending the testimony. However, after the House Intelligence Committee immediately issued a subpoena, Yuvanovich disobeyed the instructions of the Trump administration and testified.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, and two other committee chairmen said in a statement: “Any effort by Trump government officials to prevent witnesses from cooperating with the committee will be seen as a hindrance to the separation of government power.”

For those seeking first-hand information on Trump’s various actions, the testimony of Yuvanovice may be a major breakthrough, including Trump’s suspected pressure on Ukraine through private lawyer Rudy Giuliani to investigate Trub, the political opponent of Trump.

On the phone, Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to intervene in the US election to create a “telephone door” that became a democracy through whistleblower complaints and the White House’s July 25 telephone record. The focus of the party impeachment investigation.

At the same time, the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland revealed that he would also defy the government’s decision not to testify, and follow the House of Representatives subpoena and go to Congress to testify on the 17th.

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