Russian warplanes bombed 12 Syrian hospitals for 12 hours


The New York Times (NYT) reported today that there is evidence that the Russian Air Force is assisting Syrian President Bashar. The Assad government wiped out the resistance and deliberately bombed four hospitals in the rebel-controlled area within 12 hours earlier this year.

According to Russian radio records, ground-based aircraft observer logs and eyewitness statements, this wave of offensives in May was loyal to Bashar. In the devastating civil war, the government forces in Bashar al-Assad locked in medical facilities and launched one of the larger attacks.

According to the New Zealand investigation, the Russian warplanes launched a 12-hour offensive since May 5. The Nabad al-Hayat Surgical Hospital was one of the hospitals attacked. Fortunately, the employees received the call three days ago. Be warned and evacuated.

The Russian Air Force repeatedly bombed Syrian hospitals to smash the remnants of resistance against Assad. Russia is often accused of systematic attacks on hospitals and clinics in the rebel-held areas as part of a strategy to assist Assad in winning the eight-year civil war.

The report said that Russian ground control personnel told the pilot the exact location of the hospital, and the pilot notified the target after a few minutes.

When the ground control personnel allowed the offensive, the scouts responsible for warning the civilians of the upcoming attack found a Russian jet in the area.

The pilot then reported the bombing, and the local reporters showed that the three bombs exploded on the roof of the hospital.

The Kafr Nabl Surgical Hospital, which is several kilometers away, also suffered several bombings shortly after.

New York said that as early as the attack, the observer found a Russian jet circling over the air. The Russian Air Force’s radio transmission record showed that the pilot had “locked” the target before launching three attacks.

Also bombarded by Russian fighters within 12 hours were the Kafr Zita Cave Hospital and the Al Amal Orthopedic Hospital. The four hospitals have previously automatically provided their coordinates to the United Nations to join the list of non-conflict zones to avoid attacks.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced in August that an internal investigation team was set up to investigate the airstrikes in these Syrian hospitals to clarify why the hospitals on the list were targeted. Syrian medical personnel believe that this list has actually become an “attack list” for Russian and Syrian government forces.

This year, dozens of United Nations-related medical facilities were damaged or destroyed by bomb attacks. Russia denied deliberate targeting of civilian facilities to launch attacks.

New York pointed out that amnesty and deliberate bombing of hospitals were war crimes, but it was extremely difficult to prove that war crimes were committed in the civil war. Syrian medical personnel and human rights groups have so far failed to grasp the evidence.

Physicians for Human Rights, which tracks the attacks on Syrian medical personnel, said that at least 583 such attacks occurred in 2011, 266 of which occurred after Russia dispatched troops to intervene in the Syrian civil war in September 2015. In 2011, at least 916 medical workers were killed in the attack.

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