The Queen’s speech will debut on Johnson’s mouth to explain the post-European plan.


(Central News Agency London 14th foreign news report) Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) will announce a number of new laws to reform the British judicial system in a ceremonial speech on the Brexit plan after Prime Minister Johnson (Boris Johnson).

This so-called “Queen’s Speech” is the highlight of the full-fledged festival in the British Parliament. The intention is to let the government elaborate on the bill that will be enacted in the coming year.

However, the issue of Brexit in the UK is unresolved. The follow-up plan and the seven-day plan connected may all depend on the absence of an early warning election. The enemy party said that Johnson & Johnson is a politically neutral queen who is abusing political interests.

The Queen’s speech will elaborate on 22 new bills, several of which cover stricter handling of foreign criminals and sexual assaults, as well as new protection measures for victims of domestic violence.

The speech is almost certain that there will be a part of the law referring to the implementation of the Brexit agreement, but in the case that the agreement is still pending, new details should not be elaborated. In addition, the speech will also touch on election issues, such as health services and living standards.

In the interview with Sky News, the leader of the Wild Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn said: “It is ridiculous and ridiculous to let the Queen speak and hold the opening ceremony of the Congress tomorrow.” “We actually have the throne.” Published, a political propaganda of the party.”

The Queen will sit on a gold-plated throne in the House of Lords Chamber of Deputies.

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