Protest against Google’s resistance to climate change, two faces, London mothers roaring on the streets [shadow]


British police banned climate change demonstrations, but today there are still about 150 mothers ignoring the ban, with a sly child to go outside Google’s London office in London. At the same time, activists also protested in front of the Google subsidiary’s YouTube office.

Mothers said they were responding to the British Guardian report last week. The report pointed out that Google said that it supports climate action, while the other side subsidizes Washington’s denial of climate change.

One of the organizers, Lorna Greenwood, said: “This is a great betrayal for all parents, families and children suffering from climate and ecological crises.”

Google said in the “Guardian” report: “Many companies fund organizations, but at the same time do not agree with their climate policy, not only us.”

The police banned the environmental group “Extinction Rebellion” from demonstrating in London, but today there are still a large number of mothers gathering to protest.

On the other hand, about five “anti-extinction” volunteers climbed the door of YouTube’s London office and opened the banner of “YouTube Stop Platforming Climate Denial”.

Extinction Rebellion Youth, the flank of the “Resistance to Extinction”, accused YouTube of providing a disproportionate platform for those who disapprove of climate change caused by burning fossil fuels.

The police said today that “resistance to extinction” has arrested 1,642 people since the launch of the civil disobedience movement in London on October 7.

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