The Fountain of Peace reverses the geopolitical balance


After nine days of fighting in Syria, the United States made major concessions on the conditions of the “safe zone”. Russia’s influence on the Greater Middle East is increasing day by day. The Syrian government forces returned to the country that violated the seven years. Washington has lost its allies who have been fighting for many years.

When President Trump announced the “big news from Turkey” on the 17th, there was probably only the Syrian Kurd who had no friends and only mountains .

After the launch of Operation Peace Spring on the 9th, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan completely ignored the protests across Europe, US sanctions, the cessation of arms sales in France and Germany, and criticisms from Western countries. Let this military action be ignorant of Iraq.

On the 16th, he said, “There is no power to stop us.” The words of the earthen tanks fighting in the winter mud and snow began to be imagined. At the time, Alfon emphasized: “(Serb North) Manbij went to the 350-kilometer area of ​​Iraq to clear it. When we can set up a safe zone, this military operation will stop.”

Ankara plans to set up a buffer zone along the soil and Syrian borders from Manbizi to the Syrian-Iraqi border, allowing Syrian refugees who intend to return to the country to be resettled. Turkey currently accepts more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees.

The analysis believes that Turkey wants to dilute the Kurdish population by the move of Arab Syrians, so as to change the demographic structure and avoid the local purpose of becoming a Kurdish autonomous region, which will help Ankara to attack the so-called “Kude terrorists”. .

After meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence in Ankara on the 17th, Mr. Burns announced in the evening that “the United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria” and said that the boundary of the safe zone is about to extend south from the Turkish border. 20 miles (about 32 kilometers) deep.

Ankara demanded that the security zone be set up in the north of Syria. Although the Turkish and American military reached an agreement on August 7, the two sides have been unable to reach a consensus on the depth of this buffer zone. Ankara hopes to be 19 miles deep, but the Washington and Kurdish forces only accept 9 miles deep. The two sides also talk about who is leading the safety zone.

From early August to early October, Ankara has repeatedly criticized Washington for stalking the establishment of a safe zone, and continues to threaten to clamor for cross-border military. The announcement of Burns on the evening of the 17th meant that the two sides finally got to know the depth of the safety zone, and the results were in line with Ankara’s expectations.

On the 6th, Trump announced that it had withdrawn from the US military and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which had been fighting against the radical armed group Islam (IS). On the 9th, Turkey cross-border troops to attack the Kurdish militia in northeastern Syria.

The Kurdish militia group People’s Defence Force (YPG) is the backbone of SDF. Ankara sees YPG as a “terrorist organization” associated with the domestic separatist group, the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK).

After the announcement by Burns, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the agreement was not a “ceasefire” and emphasized that “the ceasefire only occurs when both parties are legal.” He stressed that when the YPG and PKK “terrorists” withdraw from the safe zone, Turkey will end its military operations in Syria. “We (referring to the earth, the United States) agreed to YPG heavy weapons to disarm, destroy positions and fortifications.”

Trump had a strong request for a ceasefire in Turkey and sanctioned sanctions. Finally, he sent Pengs to go to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies “Joe.” Aier met Pengs in Ankara on the afternoon of the 17th and started an hourly and 40-minute closed-door meeting to reach an agreement.

The agreement allows Washington to take advantage of the depth of the security zone, allowing Ankara to increase its border area in Syria. Moreover, the removal of YPG members in the area, allowing them to disarm heavy weapons and equipment, destroying tunnels, positions and fortifications in the area are all requests made by Ankara during the dialogue between the Turkish and American military on August 7.

On the evening of the 17th, Burns refused to specify what concessions Turkey made, emphasizing that until the contents of the complete agreement were made public, it was clear that he said that the Kurdish withdrawal from the border “in fact has begun.”

The independent news media “Middle East Eye” quoted an unnamed Turkish official as saying that according to the agreement, the safety zone will be mainly implemented by Ankara, and Turkey and the United States will strengthen cooperation and implement the agreement. Turkey also agreed to do its utmost to avoid harm to civilians in the area. As soon as the military action is over, Trump will lift the sanctions imposed earlier this week, and the White House will work with the US Congress to prevent further sanctions against members of Ankara.

Burns pointed out that once YPG completes the evacuation, Turkey will completely suspend military operations. He stressed that when the agreement is fully implemented, Ankara will be committed to a “permanent ceasefire.” Trump welcomed the agreement and said in a tweet: “The big news from Turkey… millions of lives are saved.”

On the 17th, on the surface of the agreement, it seems that Washington has made the iron-hearted Ankara compromise, and Trump won the face. In fact, Turkey sent troops for 9 days and got all the conditions for the “Joe” for two months that the US is not willing to give in. The Eyre section can be announced in a grand way to set up a safe zone in the northeastern part of Syria where there is a “peaceful spring”. No wonder the above-mentioned Turkish officials told the eyes of the Middle East: “This meeting is exactly what we want.”

Fahrettin Altun, the director of the Turkish Presidential Office, announced on the early morning of the 18th that an agreement was reached with the United States to achieve the main goal of the Peace Springs initiative.

In the past nine days, the United States lost its allied coalition militia of the Syrian-Northern allies for four years, turning them to the hostile Syrian President Bashar. The government of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian government forces returned to the Kurdish militia control area that had not entered since 2012, while the Russian army and the Syrian army received the Syrian-Northern positions abandoned by the US military.

The change in the situation reversed the geopolitical balance and made Moscow the middle ground of different forces in Syria, greatly enhancing its influence on the Greater Middle East. It is already clear that Turkey has sent troops for 9 days and who wins.

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