Larijani: Syrian lands and oil belong to Syrian government and people


Speaker of Iranian Islamic Shura council, Ali Larijani confirmed that Syrian soil and oil belong to the Syrian government and people and that the United States has no right to occupy Syrian territory and seize oil fields.

“Trump is apparently not aware of the fact that Syrian soil and oil belong to Syrian government and people”, Larijani said in his speech to the open session of Shura Council conducted by Iranian News Agency (IRNA)

He added that the US administration is jeopardizing peace in the Middle East by stirring waves of new adventurism to reach its goal of controlling oil wells.

Referring to Trump’s remarks on regional issues, Larijani said that” Trump is continuing his impudence by intending to seize Iraqi oil,” adding that US always practices this hidden policy in the Middle East and in the oil rich countries to achieve their ambitions”.

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