No warning water stop at Haneda Airport in Japan does not affect flight takeoff and landing


Haneda Airport near Tokyo, Japan, today, there is no warning water stop at the two terminals of the domestic line, resulting in the inability of the restaurant to open the restaurant, the toilet sink is also available, but it does not affect the flight. . The water supply at the international line terminal is normal.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that the Japan Airport Terminal Company, which manages the Haneda Airport terminal, said that the first and second terminals of the Haneda domestic line were not stopped before 10 am Japan time, resulting in the terminal. The food and beverage outlets are not open; although there is no problem with the flushing of the toilet, the sink is not available.

Japan Airlines and All Japan Air Transport Company stated that water cuts do not affect flight take-off and landing.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau said that the water pipelines managed by the Waterworks Bureau and the pipelines in Haneda Airport were not found to be abnormal, and the nearby residential houses were not notified of the water stoppage. The study may be caused by the failure of the airport equipment.

A female traveler said that she didn’t have breakfast and came to the airport to prepare for the flight. I didn’t expect to stop the water. It would be very troublesome if the same situation occurred during the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that a coffee shop manager in the domestic line station said that there was no warning to stop water before 10 am and it was impossible to open the business. I don’t know when to restore the water supply. “The next step is noon, it’s really troublesome.”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the Japanese government stated that water cuts do not affect flight take-off and landing.

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