The ‘Legacy of the Two’ highlights the UAE’s global presence from its cultural roots


The UAE continues to celebrate its unique success and celebrates its 48th National Day on December 2 with the “Legacy of the First” show, which underscores the depth of the UAE’s cultural and civilizational heritage. The country has more than 200 residents and visitors from all over the world.

In an affirmation of the UAE’s global presence, and the diversity of its social fabric, the National Organizing Committee for the “Legacy of the First” showcased with a wide range of renowned artistic and theatrical production companies and designers with world-class skills and expertise from 65 nationalities to bring out this year’s celebration as befitting the UAE’s heritage and present it to the world among the largest. A technical and technical presentation takes place for the first time in the UAE.

The Zayed Sports City Stadium is set to witness an unprecedented showcase featuring the latest visual and acoustic technologies, while artists and exhibitors participating in the celebration will address the stories that children have inherited from parents and grandparents and carry the noblest values ​​and lessons.

Said Al-Suwaidi, spokesperson for the organizing committee, said that the inspiring technical vision of the first legacy was crystallized by the efforts of the young national talents, and in cooperation with the brightest international experiences to design and direct an unprecedented ceremony that translates the immortal legacy of grandparents as a beacon that guides the grandchildren’s path towards the future and marks the official celebration of the National Day. The 48th of the UAE is deeply remembered in the hearts and conscience of the homeland.

Al Suwaidi added: “The legacy of the first two showcased a unique engineering achievement due to the technical and structural elements and the huge and unique technologies that have been designed and manufactured by a group of the most talented and renowned experts globally across nine cities on five continents from around the world to present the first show. Of its kind in the history of national day celebrations ..

This year’s event marks a record in terms of logistics and technical preparations, with teams building a 10,000-square-meter platform equivalent to eight Olympic pools in a record 23 weeks.

Al Suwaidi noted that the celebration podium will host 22 high-resolution displays at a height of 12 meters, weighing 37 tons, which will be used in addition to 2500 LED lighting units and 1,000 other lighting units to deliver stunning visuals during the presentation.

Of course, the use of this size of technology requires more than 60 kilometers of cables to ensure that all units work simultaneously during visual displays in addition to dark fabrics used to design the platform background, which has a total length of more than three kilometers.

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