The Queen refused to wear the first position of the British royal family


Queen Elizabeth II joined the ranks of refused to wear leather grass, Buckingham Palace today confirmed that any new clothes in the future of the Queen as long as the fur is fake fur. The Queen is believed to be the first British royal family member to publicly reject the leather grass.

Angela Kelly, a clothing clerk who serves the Queen all year round, has launched a new book, “The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and the Wardrobe, a temporary translation.” She said in the book that if the Queen had to attend the event in particularly cold weather, she would wear fake fur to keep warm from 2019.

The Daily Mail reported that Buckingham Palace confirmed this statement today.

However, Buckingham Palace is not willing to over-interpret the new clothing regulations, whether it will make the past fur no longer come out of the wardrobe, or whether the past historic fur coat will not be worn again, like the congressional that piece.

The Queen used to attend a congressional parliament and passed through a fur coat. She attended a weekday at Christmas in Sandringham, and she wore a brown fur coat. She also wore a fox fur-trimmed coat and a fox fur hat during her attendance in 2010.

From 2000, the United Kingdom banned the raising of animals for the purpose of collecting fur. It is the first country in the world with relevant legislation.

However, members of the royal family are often criticized for wearing fur. Mrs. Charles, the wife of Prince Charles, had worn a fur-trimmed hat, and Prince William’s wife, Kate, also wore a hat made of animal hair. When she and Prince William visited Canada in 2016, they were criticized for making scarves made from water-based mane.

Prince Harry’s wife, Megan, has not been seen wearing a fur coat. Her friend Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne pointed out that Megan refused to wear any animal fur since 2018.

The PETA, which advocates the prohibition of fur trade, toasted the Queen’s decision and said that “this new decision is in keeping with the times, because 95% of the British public now no longer wear leather grass.”

Animal rights group Animal Aid believes that the Queen’s decision is “positive”, but the measure called on the Queen also applies to the robes worn at the ceremony.

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