US State Department Officials Visit South Korea and South Korea to Deepen Economic and Trade Relations


South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Jing and today met with the US State Department of State for Economic Affairs, Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Crazy, and Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific, Stilwell. The two sides look forward to exploring deepening economic and trade cooperation programs through opportunities for strategic economic dialogue.

South Korea’s joint news agency pointed out that Kang Jing and Keith Krach said that Krzy visited South Korea on the occasion of the strengthening of bilateral trade and investment-based economic cooperation. He expects the two sides to hold the Korea-US Strategic Economic Dialogue on the 6th. Opportunities to explore ways to deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Krachi gave positive comments on the further economic and trade relations between the two countries and said that South Korea is the closest partner and alliance of the United States.

The report pointed out that Kang Jing and the US side recently released a report on the US security cooperation in the Indian-Pacific region. She also expressed the belief that this will lead the development direction for the cooperation between South Korea and the United States.

David Stilwell agreed with this and pointed out that Han Mei got the same conclusion.

When Kang Jing met with Krzy and Stilwell, he was accompanied by the US Ambassador to Korea, Harry Harris.

Subsequently, Krachi and the second official of the South Korean Foreign Ministry (equivalent to the executive vice) Li Taizhen attended the 4th Korea-US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED); Stilwell called on the first official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (equivalent to the government minister) Zhao Shiying.

Stilwell’s visit to Asia includes South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand, and is scheduled to visit Beijing on the 7th.

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