Wen invited the ruling party leader to discuss the state affairs and hope for cross-party cooperation.


South Korean President Wen Zaiyi held a private dinner party in Qingwatai and the five parties of the ruling and opposition parties last night to discuss the US-North Korea talks, Japan’s restrictions on trade restrictions with Korea, and the electoral reform bill. He also called for cross-party cooperation between the ruling and the opposition.

South Korea’s joint news agency reported that Wen’s five parties had reached an agreement on the establishment of a standing-party consultation mechanism for the ruling and opposition parties in August last year, and plans to hold a quarterly meeting, but since the first meeting in November last year, the consultation mechanism has been suspended. . It is understood that Wen Zai and the leaders of the five parties of the ruling and opposition parties have reached a consensus on resuming the mechanism of the standing political association of the three parties.

For North Korea and US leaders failed to reach an agreement at the Hanoi Summit, Wen said that North Korea intends to abolish nuclear facilities under the verification of external experts. This is worthy of recognition, but it is regrettable that North Korea and the United States have no fruit in negotiations in Hanoi.

Wen Zai is also concerned that North Korea and the United States are still conducting consultations. The United States has asked South Korea to provide cooperation and keep pace, and this situation has been developed to the present.

In terms of South Korea-Japan relations, Wen Zai said that it is necessary for political parties to conduct cross-party cooperation on Japanese economic retaliatory measures and the Korea-Japan Military Intelligence Confidential Protection Agreement (GSOMIA). He believes that it is not appropriate to link the issue of export trade with safety.

In addition, Wen Yu also appealed to all walks of life to respect the Supreme Court’s ruling that Japanese companies must compensate Korean workers for forced recruitment during World War II.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201911110078.aspx

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