Vietnam strengthens smoke control measures to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes


As the case of lung-related diseases caused by e-cigarettes has been heard, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health will also recommend that the government include e-cigarettes in the list of products that are prohibited from being sold and used, in addition to strengthening tobacco control measures.

The Saigon Liberation News website reported today that the Vietnamese Ministry of Health held a meeting on the implementation of the “Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Law” in Hanoi for five years.

Statistics show that there are currently 45.3% of adults smoking in Vietnam. The proportion of non-smokers who smoke second-hand smoke at home is 53.3%, the proportion of office workers who smoke second-hand smoke is 36.8%; about 40,000 Vietnamese each year. People die from diseases caused by smoking.

The report pointed out that since the implementation of the “Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Law”, all government agencies, schools, hospitals and public places in Vietnam have strictly implemented the smoking regulations. The proportion of male smokers has decreased by about 2.1%. The proportion of the people has also dropped.

On the 14th, Vietnamese Ministry of Health officials recommended that the government strengthen the management and control of smoking products, including the revision of the special consumption tax law, increase the tax on tobacco, strengthen the promotion of smoking products to human health hazards, and strengthen the ability to control and manage tobacco products. Especially online advertising campaigns, etc.

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam will collect and evaluate the scientific basis and extent of the harm of new smoking products to human health, and draw on the management experience of electronic cigarettes and heated smoking products in various countries around the world. It is recommended that the government include electronic cigarettes as products prohibited from being sold and used. List.

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