Help your child get an English name 2020 Ai Wei and Austin most popular


A US website researching the name of the website predicts that the top 10 names for newborns in 2020, the most popular girl name is Adah, the boy name is Austin, interesting is “Cash” is also among them.

Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, two best-selling authors in the United States, have co-authored more than 10 English-named books, and the two names co-founded Baby Names website Nameberry, online database Has more than 70,000 English names.

According to the 2019 visitor’s immediate name selection mechanism, Sutterland issued a forecast for the top 10 English names of newborns in the United States next year. The names of girls are Adah, Reese, Mika, Paisley, Amina, Teagan, Nova, Aura, Pearl and Billie.

The names of the boys are Austin, Alva, Acacius, Tate, Diego, Easton, Lucius, Cash, Ash, and Luca.

The preferred girl name “Adah” is derived from the Bible. The English name of the girl who started with the “Ad” letter became popular in recent years. Global parents chased the British pop singer Adele Adkins for the baby girl.

American actress Reese. Reese Witherspoon’s high exposure in 2019 made Reese a popular one, and the original meaning of English was enthusiasm.

American female reporter Buri. Mika Brzezinski hosts the Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC) program “Morning Joe,” and her fame makes Mika a hit, and is also a new woman at Mike. Change the name.

The 9th and 10th Pearls and Billie are retro names, and they are back on the list. Pearl is the name of the vegetable market in the United States from 1880 to 1920. After that, few parents helped her daughter to name it. In the last 10 years, it turned red again.

In addition, the trend of the boy’s English name is quoted from Austin, a city in Texas. He has long been loved by his parents and is expected to maintain considerable heat next year.

Americans know that Alva is mainly in the middle of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Nowadays, “Ellwa” and the surname “Addison” have become the names of today’s popular boys.

English name learning to turn the surname into a name is one of the trends, such as the famous Tate, Cash.

The source of Kaixu’s allusions is the ancient Roman general Gaius Cassius Longinus and the heavyweight country singer Johnny of American music history. Johnny Cash; and Cash literal translation is a lot of “cash” money.

Ranked 10th, Luca is the favorite name of the pan-European nation. The famous American film director George. The representative of George Lucas is the protagonist of Star Wars. Luke Skywalker is related to the origin and popularity of Luka.

In addition, according to the US Social Security Administration (SSA) survey, the most popular girl in 2018 is Emma, ​​and the boy’s name is Liam.

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