Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong- un leads the descent training of the Korean Air and Anti-Air sniper squads


Kim Jong- un , chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and commander-in-chief of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , directed the descent training of the aviation and anti-air sniper squads of the KPA.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot received reports of the training progress plan from the watch station and directed the training.

The Supreme Automated Automaton is very good at snipers who are really good at descending, receiving unjustified combat orders, and leading the fighters in unfamiliar zones and politicians to lead the combatants and perform their awesome combat moves. He told me that he was satisfied.

He said that training and judgment should not be tied to injustices and regulations and frameworks, but should be carried out in various harsh environments such as battles to improve the ability to prepare for war and to train censorship.

In case of emergency, the battlefield does not proceed only in the same space and environment as the training ground, and we say that the combatants should conduct the training organization and guidance continually in preparation for the smooth execution of their assigned combat missions at any time and in any circumstances. Was.

In order to foster the People’s Army as an armed forces of Baekjeon, the banner of the training revolution should be held high, and even if one training is conducted, the war environment should be set intact and various unforeseen circumstances should be made, and practical and innovative practical training should be intensified. Was.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching Ji Autographed a commemorative photo with the combatants participating in the training.

Executives of the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee accompanied.

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