American school shootings become the norm for normal experts


The United States California Sogus High School shot on the 14th, causing 3 deaths and 3 injuries, highlighting the serious problem of school guns. Expert analysis: “For example, the police station on the corner does not mean that the police are safe. Doing more exercises has created a society of suspicion and will not help solve the problem.”

Specializing in campus bullying and violence, Ron Avi Astor, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), today was interviewed by CBS Los Angeles to analyze the endless number of school shootings in the United States in recent years. .

“This problem is not unique recently. It has been commonplace for almost 20 years.” Astor believes that the entire country must take different perspectives and take preventive measures. According to media reports, the Saugus High School shooting was the 38th campus shooting in the United States this year.

Astor pointed out that there is information in the government academic circles that can capture the “winds before the storm”, but the information is not fully utilized. In California, including how many children in each high school take weapons to school, how many children are threatened by firearms, and how many children have seen firearms in school.

“The best way to know what’s wrong with classmates,” said Esther in California. In most high school schools, about 20% of students saw firearms on campus, and they knew who brought them. Some people also suffered intimidation. . Using these surveys, we can identify high-risk schools and invest more educational resources to help teachers and students.

What Este is concerned about is that the shooting on campus not only causes casualties, but also has a cultural impact on the United States in the long run. “We are creating a society full of doubts.”

According to the survey, among the things that students are most worried about in the past five years, the school shootings ranked first, all in the country. In California, almost all polls show that school firearms are the number one issue in education. He has repeatedly stressed that children are the most empathetic, but also affect everyone’s daily life.

He pointed out: “Even if there are actually no guns, the children are still very upset. No matter what class they go to, they sit in the classroom. They know that there are people in the school with a knife and a gun. This will affect everyone. Get up from the morning, to think and feel every day.”

Astor believes that although the teachers and students of the country have done many exercises and responded to the shooting, they have not been confronted in reality. The problem of guns has already affected the psychological impact of students across the country and lost trust between people.

He mentioned that every time there is a shooting, the media reports death and injury, there are also many hero stories, but this seems to be a loop of no solution. He believes that students know the situation best and let every student come to be the hero of saving people. “Returning the gun problem on campus is to save the lives of friends.”

Astor believes that through data analysis, the school, teachers, and authorities can provide psychological health support or mutual help from the perspective of concern. “This is an effective prevention method, not to use more. Gunmen and police officers entered the campus and always conducted risk assessments.”

He takes the real society as an example. “Even if every street has sent police to stand guard, it does not necessarily mean that a place becomes safer.” What is more important is that the neighbors must stand up and work together to know each other and communicate on the campus. An environment of mutual concern and support can resolve violence.

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